How it works

No professional skills are NEEDED


Install the Page2Leads Chrome extension and sign up.


Browse the web to get email leads


Click on the red button on the bottom left side of your browser screen, to view leads.


Export leads in CSV or text file, save to List, and add to Autoresponders


LeadS ARE vital for business success

What you can do with Page2Leads


Generate leads easily

Email leads generation has never been easier! With Page2Leads, you can easily convert emails to leads when browsing the web and choose from multiple export options.

  • Export leads as CSV files
  • Export leads as text files
  • Organize leads easily by adding to Lists
  • Add leads to multiple autoresponders & CRMs.


Integrate email marketing software with CRMs for better marketing

Page2Leads supports 20+ autoresponders and CRMs. With this feature, you can enrich leads and enhance your marketing strategies using the tools you're already using.


Identify, sort, and manage your leads

Page2Leads makes it simple to build a lead list from captured emails. You can easily save the generated leads into specific lists, for easy marketing engagements. With Lists, you solve the challenge of reliably understanding and sorting your leads.


Easily analyze your data in a visual and clearway

Our dashboard offers comprehensive insights into the activities of the leads that have been generated. These insights include information on the Total Leads, New Leads, Autoresponder Leads, and Trash Leads. With the dashboard, you can easily view a graphical representation of these activities on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


Save time, money, and get results

There's no need to use a virtual assistant or copy-paste emails from your website into your email service provider anymore. Saving emails to leads has never been easier.

Page2Leads Chrome extension
Capture emails from the web, convert them into leads, and turn them into actionable marketing leads.
Browse to capture email
Convert to leads
Turn to valuable marketing leads
Add to Chrome


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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? Check Here First
Page2Leads helps you to instantly convert email addresses from any webpage into leads.
Page2Leads also offers a lifetime free plan that allows you to export unlimited leads as text or CSV files. Additionally, this service enables you to add up to 250 premium leads per month to autoresponders or save to list.
Premium leads are high-quality leads that can be saved to any customized list as well as autoresponders . You can easily save the generated leads into specific lists & autoresponders. The number of premium leads you can save may vary as per your subscription plan.
Page2Leads is designed to be easy to use for everyone, whether you are a tech expert or not. Our dashboard offers straightforward analytics and monitoring tools, allowing you to easily track the leads you generate.
Yes, Page2Leads supports 20+ autoresponders and CRMs such as MailChimp, GetResponse, Active Campaign etc.
We offer 30 days money-back guarantee on the paid version of Page2Leads.
Yes, you can use our software on unlimited web pages.
Page2Leads count each unique email only once as a lead generated in a month, even if it appears in multiple autoresponders or lists at different times during that month. So, if you add the same email to multiple autoresponders or lists, it will still count as just one premium lead for that month.

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